• Altex is a leading heat exchanger design, fabrication and repair service centre. We recently completed an ambitious expansion, more than doubling our shop capacity. AlTEX is crew supported 24/7 to facilitate fast and efficient exchanger rebuild/repair functions. With custom tube bending & stress relieving capabilities provided in house. ALTEX FIELD SERVICES has the largest fleet of specialized bundle handling equipment in North America, and is equipped to handle your ongoing plant maintenance, major shutdowns, emergency exchanger field rebuilds, sulfur condenser rebuilds, tower repairs, steam generator repair and re tubing including rifle tube installation.
  • Aluma Systems, a Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services company, is a leading provider of specialty services to the Canadian energy markets. Our extensive portfolio of industrial service offerings includes: Scaffolding, Coatings, Abrasive Blasting, Insulation, Refractory, Corrosion Protection, Mechanical Services and other related crafts. Aluma's unique multi-craft approach delivers significant savings to our clients' projects through reduced man-power requirements, improved communication via a single point of contact and significantly enhanced productivity. To learn more about Aluma Systems, visit us at www.aluma.com

  • A proven leader in H2S control for over 20 years, AMGAS now boasts the ability to eliminate a wide variety of other harmful emissions during turnaround operations.  Vacuum truck vent control, tank venting tank/vessel degassing and fluid treating are just a few ways AMGAS can contribute to a successful shutdown.  AMGAS, Total Emission Control. www.am-gas.com

  • Operating in over 25 locations across Alberta, British Columbia and the Territories The Cat Rental Store supports the construction sector, commercial consumers, and has dedicated Industrial & Electrical Divisions for turnaround and shutdown activity.  Their high quality rental equipment, safety training and used equipment sales, have made them a leading rental service provider in Western Canada.  Visit www.catrents.ca

  • Edmonton Exchanger provides on-site plant maintenance services for the petrochemical industry, refineries and fertilizer plants. Our services range from specialized field machining and controlled bolting, to complete turn-key plant and refinery shutdown projects. In the case of emergency maintenance requirements, we are capable of mobilizing a 1,500 person work force within a very short time frame. www.edmontonexchanger.com

  • Envirosystems is North America's premier provider of turnaround and maintenance services.  We have a dynamic group strategically positioned to service all major industries throughout North America. A major strength of the Envirosystems group of companies is assessing the needs of our Customers and developing an action plan that allows them to achieve their turnaround and maintenance needs safely, ahead of schedule and under budget. Check out our website at www.envirosystemsglobal.com  for more information.

  • HSE Integrated is Canada's national onsite health and safety service provider. Our comprehensive shutdown safety services begin with a full needs assessment of your project. From there our team manages the logistics of personnel and manpower to ensure you have the right people and equipment there at the right time. Look to HSE as your Provider of Choice in Shutdown Safety.

  • Innovator is a specialty services provider for high temperature high pressure piping used in industry. We support the maintenance, engineering, operations, shutdown, turnaround, construction and commissioning of any project. Our mission is to find, develop and deploy a range of innovative people and industry leading technologies. We deliver this with extraordinary customer service, a commitment to technical and business cultural training, safety, productivity and cost effectiveness. www.innovatorind.com 

  • INTEGRA Technologies Ltd. has over 30-years' experience servicing the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Power industries. INTEGRA's specialized services and technologies focus on Leak Detection, Leak Prevention, and Leak Correction in critically bolted joint assemblies. INTEGRA's process provides clients with the highest level of CERTAINTY OF OUTCOME by delivering ZERO ACCIDENTS, ZERO DEFECTS, and ZERO DELAYS. www.integratechnologies.com

  • RedGuard protects people and assets with one of the world's largest lease fleets of blast-resistant buildings -- portable, cost-effective alternatives to traditional buildings. RedGuard also custom builds the SafetySuite line of blast-resistant buildings. RedGuard.com

  • Sulzer Chemtech's Edmonton manufacturing and service facility is specifically setup to service your Turn Around and Emergency Maintenance requirements for mass transfer column internals.  It is a self-sufficient facility with engineering, production, and installation capabilities.  Custom trays, packing, and hardware are available from stock material and our specialized Tower Field Service crew is one of the best in the industry. www.sulzer.com

  • WestCorp Solutions Ltd. is a consulting firm specializing in Asset Lifecycle Management for the process industry. Established in 2011, WestCorp offers multi-layered support for planning, scheduling, project and cost controls as well as logistics, for turnaround events and outages, routine maintenance, and projects. WestCorp: We make solutions happen! www.westcorpsolutions.com

  • Koch-Glitsch is a world leader in delivering unique, turnkey solutions (Field Service office in Edmonton). Our system emphasizes pre-job planning, design, constructability and installation efficiency to ensure execution can be completed in the safest and most efficient manner possible. This results in shorter, safer and cost effective turnarounds. The integrity, compliance and customer focus are paramount to our success.  Quite simply, We Do What We Say We Can Do. www.koch-glitsch.com

  • For years the oil and gas industry has relied on the expertise of Applus RTD technicians using advanced methods including AUT, LoRUS, INCOTEST®, ToFD, RayScan, and RotoScan.  Applus RTD also provides a wide range of conventional NDT services, engineering services, heat treating, QC services, rope
    access, shutdown support, and visual inspection. www.ApplusRTD.com

  • Hertz Equipment Rental is a leading supplier of equipment and supplies to industrial companies. With over 260 locations and dedicated plant services division to the industrial industries, you'll find everything from small tools to heavy equipment to fully stocked toolcribs. Their knowledgeable staff can arrange on or off site asset management. Visit them today on-line at www.hertzequip.com or call 888-777-2700.

  • Safway Services is a leader in scaffolding services and access solutions in North America since 1936. We recently expanded our service solutions to include Insulation, Protective Coatings, Fireproofing, Tank Coatings and Linings, plus CUI. Multiservice solutions drive cost savings through combined management, planning and scheduling control, and support resource sharing.  Safway has developed a comprehensive quality control system incorporating workmanship auditing, competency reviews, testing and advanced supervisor training. Safway can deliver World Class Service safely while driving down total installed cost. www.safway.com.

  • FT Services is a maintenance and asset management organization. Our proven, integrated approach to maintenance, turnarounds and sustaining projects delivers operational excellence and value to our clients. We provide best practice in safety performance, turnaround management systems and execution via demonstrable step change through our collaborative contracting approach. Our embedded safety culture emanates from our philosophy that all incidents are preventable and we continually strive to keep our employees safe. www.ftsgroup.com

  • CARBER®  Leading provider of specialty mechanical services for the petro-chemical industry offering their patented CARBER® Isolation and Test systems, CARBER® Nozzle Testing System and CARBER® Plain-end Testing system, as well as services such as cold-cutting & beveling,  controlled bolting, field machining, hot taps and line stops.  Contact: Chris Close, Phone: 800 592 8378, Email: cclose@carber.com. www.carber.com

  • Young EnergyServe (YES) brings a high level of efficiency to turnarounds with experienced crews, proven processes and specialized equipment. Enviro-Lock, a proprietary product, is used to degas process and storage vessels, usually within hours. Safety procedures, safety personnel and equipment are part of every job. Custom degas/ steam/ pressure wash units, high performance vacuum trucks and tool trailers complete the FULL SERVICE PACKAGE. www.youngenergyserve.ca
  • BIC Alliance and its sister companies: BIC Magazine, IVS Investment Banking and BIC Recruiting have earned a reputation as a primary communication link for connecting buyers and suppliers in business and industry with one another. www.bicalliance.com
  • DDT's patented bi-directional cleaning method allows us to "Guarantee" the complete cleaning of fired heaters.
    DDT's new technology of on-line cleaning of FinFans and the exterior of heater tubes is both effective in reducing temperature profile and is environmentally safe.
    DDT has the only patented 4 pass pumping unit and patented Pigg® tool which incorporates interchangeable appendages that don't rifle grooves in the heater tubes.
  • Chase Elevating Equipment Inc. is an equipment company with a new approach, capitalizing on the mini crane niche, specifically SpyderCrane. The mini crane application is simple: get a small crane close to the load, rather than lift the same load from far away with a large crane. With proper training these cranes are a strategic asset, and by utilizing variable configurations, they have multiple applications. http://www.chaseot.com/equipment.htm
  • Catalyst Changers was formed by experienced personnel that have been in the catalyst handling industry for 80 plus combined years.

    Safety is our number one priority followed by quality and timeliness.

    The majority of our staff has worked at most of the Western Canadian facilities on numerous occasions.

    Catalyst Changers has been in the business for three years and have completed over 150 projects without any incidents.

    Our services include inert Entry, inert welding, grating and mesh removal and installation, gravity dumping, vacuum unloading, sock loading, dense loading, tube unloading and loading, industrial vacuuming, disposal and nitrogen services. Our consulting team has planned and completed numerous specialized projects unrelated to catalyst handling.

    References are available upon request. http://www.catalystchangers.ca

  • CEDA stands alone in the market today with the ability to offer an integrated group of services that work safely and collaboratively at our client's site.  CEDA is proud to offer a variety of services to assist our clients with their maintenance, turnarounds and project activities which include: Pressure & Vacuum, Chemical Cleaning, Mechanical & Fabrication, Pigging & Decoking, Pipeline Services, Dredging & Fluid Management and Electrical Services.

  • SafeWatch Consulting Group Ltd. (SafeWatch) is an Edmonton based Safety Services organization focused on client needs. SafeWatch is dedicated to assembling conscientious, dedicated safety personnel and providing world class equipment. SafeWatch's re-designed equipment allows clients to apply innovative methods towards turn-around and shutdown planning. SafeWatch Services include Safety personnel, Breathing air equipment, Confined space entry and rescue needs, Pre-shutdown planning, High angle rescue and Gas detection services. www.safetech.ca/services/breathing-air-equipment/

  • Jacobs is one of the world's largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional and construction services, including all aspects of architecture, engineering, construction, operations, maintenance and turnarounds, as well as scientific and specialty consulting. Our global network includes more than 250 offices in 28 countries with annual revenues exceeding US$12 billion. www.jacobs.com

  • Cyntech has built a solid reputation throughout North America as an industry leader in providing innovative, comprehensive and reliable storage tank upgrading services.  Our services include; API 650/653 tank inspections, engineering, design, drafting, tank lifting and leveling, foundations, release prevention barriers and leak detection, floor repair and replacement, shell repair and replacement, tank appurtenances, cleaning and coatings, and hydro-testing.

  • Hilti Canada, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, is a member of the Hilti Group.  Founded in 1941, the global headquarters are in Schaan, Liechtenstein. The Hilti Group employs over 22,000 people in 120 countries. Hilti provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. Our products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value.

  • Industry Partners:

  • Since 1978, Tradequip International: WWW.TRADEQUIP.COM, is the oil, gas and energy market's leading resource for new and used oilfield equipment and services. Published 3 times per month and circulating in over 100 countries, Tradequip delivers you proven exposure and sales by bringing the buyer to you through print, online, mobile, auctions and events! Also, check out our growing Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tradequip!

  • Inspectioneering is your trusted source for information related to asset integrity management in the O&G, Chemical, and Petrochemical industries. Since 1995, Inspectioneering has dedicated itself to helping engineers and inspection professionals around the world keep their assets operating safely and reliably. Learn more at www.inspectioneering.com.
  • Industrial Process Products & Technology (IPP&T) is Canada's leading national process magazine. IPP&T has over 24500 readers and editorially covers 16 individual process sectors across Canada. The new products and editorial articles help processors make important decisions everyday. All six issues are packed full of current and relevant information that makes IPP&T a must read. www.ippt.ca
  • PROCESSWest (PW) is Canada's only western process magazine written by experienced western based journalists. PW delivers in-depth articles about gas and oil, pulp and paper, water waste water and other important process sectors affecting western processors. Over 10500 individuals read PW 6 times a year. Processor Profiles and Supplier Profiles supply valuable insight and information to westerns Canada's unique process markets. www.processwest.ca

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