Shutdowns Fort McMurray – Complete Agenda

Day 1: Tuesday, Mar. 03, 2015

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Welcome from CI Energy
Opening Remarks from the Conference Chair
  • John Fradette
    General Manager
Managing the Contractor Relationship to Establish Accountabilities and Reduce Risk
  • Bruce Schiewe
    Manager-Turnarounds & Majors
    Syncrude Canada Ltd.
  • Tracy Unger
    Turnaround Event Manager
    Syncrude Canada Ltd.
  • Assigning a contract coordinator to oversee all indirect reports and costs
  • Enlisting contractor buy-in to engage all parties and render accountabilities
  • Motivating your partners to achieve the project goals
  • Reviewing your contracting strategies as part of the close-out
Improving Shutdown Productivity, Safety and Performance through WorkFace Planning and Advanced Work Packaging
  • Curtis Ledger
    Senior Partner
    Morgann Price
  • Tannis Liviniuk
    Senior Partner
    Morgann Price

WorkFace Planning and Advanced Work Packaging are industry best practices that facilitate improved front-end planning, increased productivity and improved safety performance on construction projects. Through a practical implementation of best practice frameworks, WorkFace Planning can achieve better project results through the improvement of dynamic planning processes. By successfully managing constraints, we are better able to plan, schedule and execute work, by reducing the risk of downtime or productivity loss.

This presentation will outline the fundamentals of WorkFace Planning and Advanced Work Packaging:

  • Application of these best practices within a shutdown or turnaround environment
  • The role of a WorkFace Planner, constructability improvements and examples, constraint management, dynamic planning, managing change, scope creep, and progressive punchlisting
  • Application of WorkFace Planning best practices in plant fire rebuild scenarios
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Streamlining the Turnaround Permitting Process
  • Brian Baca
    Corporate Turnaround SME
    Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

If you’re spending 2 to 3 hours per shift permitting to work or 4 to 6 hours daily for the entire turnaround, that’s valuable time not spent on tools. This session will provide you with some tips and techniques to increase your tool time with a more streamlined permit process:

  • Learn to streamline your process by utilizing a permit to work sign-off board
  • Hear how to identify hazards associated with each work activity and shave off days to your turnaround
  • How to ensure you have more eyes on each activity for increased safety versus one operator issuing permits from a building
  • Utilize your site specific safety standards in conjunction with the sign-off board
Moments of Impact: Risk Tolerance and Critical Conversations
  • Stephen Quesnelle
    Sacred Cow Company Inc.

In this presentation Stephen will discuss critical conversation skills. Whether it is in a toolbox, shift turnover meeting or a field intervention, critical conversation skills build alignment and clarify expectations. Moments of impact are the conversations that are turning points in behaviour whether it be in safety, process or planning.

Networking Luncheon for Speakers and Delegates
Exploring Joint Assembly Options and How Different Connection Methods Impact Certainty of Outcome
  • Gord Britton
    INTEGRA Technologies Ltd

This session will explore factors that affect joint integrity and how different methods of assembly have outcomes that impact safety, environment, production and the efficiency of your project

  • Factors that affect joint integrity and targeted bolt loads
  • Issues regarding flange assembly and dis-assembly
  • Examining ‘torqueing’ versus ‘tensioning’ methods of bolt tightening and which method best suits your certainty of outcome
  • Criteria standards — what are current industry practices?
  • Discussion of ‘Assembly Systems’ with respect to accuracy and maintaining load
How to Ensure Your Next Turnaround Is a Good News Story – Conducting a Successful Post-Turnaround Analysis for Continuous Improvement
  • Graham Pronishen
    Planning & Scheduling Coordinator
    Cenovus Energy, Christina Lake SAGD Plant

In this session, learn how the turnaround at Cenovus’s Christina Lake SAGD facility went from ‘good’ to ‘great’

  • Identifying the critical areas for process improvement — permitting, safety, planning & scheduling, management
  • Gathering data and reviewing opportunities for improvements
  • How were Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen methods utilized towards improving processes? What other strategies were crucial in making improvements?
  • Reviewing key findings and areas where the turnaround improved significantly over 2 years
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Understanding Process Blasts and Modular Blast Resistant Structures
  • Dean Alcott
    Market Development Manager
  • Development of the Blast Resistant Building (BRB) industry
  • Modular construction for the protection of human capital
  • API Recommended Practices and OSHA
  • Blast testing, pressure and duration, and response levels
  • Human response to blast events
New Innovations: Effective Treatment of Difficult Wastewater Streams from Oil & Gas Processing Facilities
  • Veselin Milosevic
    Director of Innovation
    Envirosystems Inc.

This session will explore ways to overcome the challenge of managing hazardous influents from oil & gas processing facilities

  • How are processing plants typically managing wastewater?
  • What alternatives exist for treatment?
  • What are the consequences of inadequate treatment of wastewater?
  • How to determine which method is most suitable for your facility
Achieving a Successful Turnaround with Effective Planning and Scheduling Techniques – Providing Optimal Support for the Field
  • Frank Scherzer
    Westcorp Solutions Ltd.
  • Creating the optimum planning package
  • Hands-on scheduling and reporting
Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair and Day 1 Adjourns
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Day 2: Wednesday, Mar. 04, 2015

Coffee Served
Opening Remarks from the Conference Chair
  • Clive Anderson
    General Manager
Strategies for Managing the Skilled Labour Shortage in a Competitive Environment
  • Lindsay Amundsen
    Workforce Development Coordinator
    Canada’s Building Trades Unions
  • Warren Fraleigh
    Executive Director
    Building Trades Alberta
  • Doug Hawkins
    Labour Relations Representative
    Construction Labour Relations Association
  • What current apprenticeship opportunities exist?
  • Processes to retain and attract good people
  • Alternative strategies to help manage the skilled labour shortage in a competitive environment
  • Current new initiatives and the latest in training and mentorship programs to address industry needs for specialized skilled labour
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Linking Education and Training with Jobs in Industry: Aligning Curriculum with Local Needs
  • Kerry Ferguson
    Operations Manager
    Keyano College
  • Elliot Pierre
    Community Relations Manager
    Acuren Group Inc.

Keyano College

  • Addressing the problems of a shortage of NDT certified technicians qualified for the oil & gas industry and for maintenance turnarounds
  • What requirements is industry seeking for technicians working in the oil sands?
  • How does the new certification program at Keyano College address these challenges?
  • Response from industry; how is this program expected to impact the supply of trained and qualified NDT inspectors; what more is needed?
Managing Safety and the Commitment toSafety Across the Site
  • Andy Ciupa
    Manager-Personnel Safety
    Syncrude Canada Ltd.
  • Mike Daley
    General Manager, Safety Health & Environment
    Syncrude Canada Ltd.
  • Commitment to the Turnaround Safety Plan — How do you really know?
  • Onboarding leadership — owners and contractors
  • 3rd party leadership commitment and behaviors
  • Leveraging the ‘chain of command’
  • How to turn ‘lessons learned’ into ‘lessons applied’
  • Leveraging the pre-work phase to influence turnaround outcome
  • Using real time data to drive today’s focus areas
  • Adjusting course — start, mid-point, almost done, post
  • Necessary steps to successfully shape safe behaviors throughout a large scale project
  • Sharing of best practices and methods through the duration of the turnaround
  • Making sure hazards are identified and controlled for all jobs — frequent and infrequent
  • Enrolling all constituents — from the least experienced to the most experienced
  • Making safety initiatives effective and communicating so that everyone listens to the message
Safety Leadership: Establishing Priorities in a Cost-Saving Environment
  • Greg Rumford
    Group Vice President, Construction & Maintenance – Canada
  • Aligning safety expectations between contractors and clients
  • Ensuring the implementation of best practices to support the safety framework
  • Empowering staff to ensure safety is at the forefront and does not suffer under the pressure of cost and time constraints
Networking Luncheon for Speakers and Delegates
Round Table Interactive Session
  • Bruce Schiewe
    Manager-Turnarounds & Majors
    Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Building on the concepts that have arisen throughout the conference this interactive session will provide an opportunity for discussion. Break-out groups will explore solutions to common challenges and share their answers and strategies. This is your chance to learn from peers and experts.

Networking Refreshment Break
How to Obtain Quality Inspection Results During Major Shutdowns
  • Matt Grose
    Owners Inspection Services
  • Inspection methodologies and how they can be applied during and in pre shutdown
  • Risks associated with NDE and how to put mitigation strategies in place
  • How to prevent late inspection finding
Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair and Conference Concludes

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